Legit is a complementary command-line interface for Git, optimized for workflow simplicity. It is heavily inspired by GitHub for Mac.

Git Workflow for Humans

Feature branch workflows are dead simple.

$ git sw <branch>
# Switches to branch. Stashes and restores unstaged changes.

$ git sync
# Synchronizes current branch. Auto-merge/rebase, un/stash.

$ git publish [<branch>]
# Publishes branch to remote server.

$ git unpublish <branch>
# Removes branch from remote server.

$ git branches [wildcard pattern]
# Nice & pretty list of branches + publication status.

$ git undo [--hard]
# Removes the last commit from history.

Installing Legit

If you are using Homebrew:

$ brew install legit

Or install legit via pip:

$ pip install legit

To enable the git aliases:

$ legit --install

Nice and simple — the way it should be.

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